Spaces available!

Registration has begun for the 2022-23 school year! You can download our registration package or call us to receive one.

Limited spaces for 2021-22 available


Since 1962 Community Co-operative Preschool has provided outstanding programs to the preschoolers of Ottawa and their families. Our ties to our community run deep, and many of our first students are now sending their children (or grandchildren) to come and learn with us.

Our preschool has provided outstanding programs to the Ottawa area community. We have parents who attended our Preschool now sending their children, and it is not beyond our expectations to have grandchildren of original preschoolers attending soon.

The reason behind our success is simple. We care about children and giving them a good start. We care about providing them a safe environment where they can learn and develop and interact with other children. We care enough to hire the best early childhood educators we can find to work with us. And we are passionate enough to volunteer to help both in the classroom and in running the school. We care.