Community Co-operative Preschool, Nepean Ontario

Our Programs

Information about our preschool program and what makes our school the best choice for your child's first school experience.


Our Program

Our school year runs from the first Tuesday in September until late in June. We have a varied program times to meet the needs of both your family and your child. Our program times are:

  • 3 year old group: three mornings per week, 9-11:30 a.m.

A five morning per week schedule is available by combining programs.

Community Co-operative Preschool was established in 1962 and is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, which sets standards for health, safety, staff training and premises for all of Ontario's schools.

As a co-operative, the preschool is organized, owned and administered by an elected parent executive. Parents contribute to various preschool committees and also enrich the preschool program through their participation as parent assistants. Parents can visit the school to view their child in a group setting with other children of the same age. Parents are also encouraged to share such special talents and hobbies as music, carpentry, storytelling etc.

We accept children with special needs, and our school is wheelchair accessible. If you have specific questions about your child's needs, please call us to discuss them with our Director.

Community Co-operative Preschool provides an environment designed to foster the total development of young children. Children are free to choose various activities within the preschool on any given day. Our staff set up the environment and plan the preschool program with the children in mind. They are there to help the children learn new skills, to help them handle their feelings and to meet the needs of every child. The school runs programs for children from 2 to 3 years of age.

The ratio of children to adults is eight to 1. Each group of children is accompanied by 2 or 3 staff members.

We are particularly proud of our learning environment, which for over 60 years has provided preschoolers with the opportunity to learn and develop in a fun atmosphere. We have full classroom and playroom facilities as well as a safe playground completely enclosed by a fence.



Our son looks forward to every preschool day and loves his teachers Janet and Joanne. The school environment is friendly, warm, energetic, educational and sensitive to the needs of each child. The attention to each child's interest and incorporation of such in the programming is remarkable, allowing the children to explore their interests in a fun learning environment.

Community Co-operative Preschool, Nepean Ontario